Here Are the Fashion Trends for the Summer of 2022


Here Are the Fashion Trends for the Summer of 2022


Not sure what to wear for summer this 2022? Don't worry; we got you covered. Trends change so it can be difficult to keep up with them. In this article, we list what you can wear to stay fashionable this summer 2022.

1. Y2K Fashion Is Making a Comeback

Remember the year of the neon clips and statement shirts? Along with those loud and chunk accessories? Yeah, well that fashion concept is making a comeback. Y2K fashion is probably one of the craziest trends you will ever live to see but it is also probably one of the best. Get yourself ready with the craziest and loudest fashion pieces yet, this summer.

2. Walk with Chunky Shoes

Gone is the year of minimalism because this year, we fully embrace loud and funky fashion trends. It’s time for you to tuck away your plain sandals and wear the loud beaded ones that remind you of the ones from your childhood. Get out your funkiest and loudest shoes and be proud to wear them on your feet.

3. Accessorise Nonstop

Summer’s 2022 fashion is all about accessories. So don’t be afraid to go crazy with as many accessories as you want. Layer the accessories, wear them on their own, go for loud ones and make sure you stand out this summer. It doesn’t get any louder or crazier than summer accessories.

4. Show Off Your Legs

Because it is summer, the weather will definitely be hot. So don’t be afraid to get some leg out and go because it will help you stay cool. What once was a little embarrassing trend that only a few could do is now one of the greatest trends to take over the fashion scene. Show off your legs by wearing short shorts or skirts.

5. Add a Hat

Whoever said hats are outdated has clearly not been checking on the fashion industry recently. Hats are all the rage nowadays because it’s easily one of the simplest accessories to pair with. From a basic straw hat to the louder beach hats, people everywhere have just been wearing these things on their heads. Don’t miss out on this awesome fashion trend by getting your own hat.

6. White Tank Tops Are Still it

You can never go wrong with a white tank top. It’s probably the single piece of summer clothing that would never go out of style. So this summer, if you want to go for something a little more classic and you aren’t too ready to turn it all around and wear those loud outfits we’ve been talking about, then a simple white tank top can be it for you. You can pair it with almost anything, and you’d still look absolutely excellent while staying safe when wearing it.

7. Sunglasses Are a Must

What’s one summer accessory that never goes away or disappears? Sunglasses. These accessories become everyone’s best friend during the summer because not only are they fashionable, but they are also functional. Take out your chunkiest sunglasses or the tiniest frames you got and complete your look with a pair.


This summer of 2022, there are a ton of fashion trends that you will want to keep up with. Just keep in mind that the most important thing amongst it all is to be confident and comfortable with what you wear.

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By Lachlan Quinn

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